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Osceola National Forest

Parks and Outdoors

Ahhh, the great outdoors. It’s what Lake City, Florida’s Springlands is all about. Whether it’s a romp in a crystalline spring, a float down a spring-fed river, fishing in a lake, walking a trail or simply relaxing under the sun just about anywhere, you can do all of it and more in Lake City, Florida’s Springlands.

The generous array of parks in Florida’s Springlands offers a wide range of experiences, from a place that commemorates Florida’s largest Civil War battle, to a vast national forest, to several parks that are set amid freshwater springs and rivers. Basically, there’s a park for just about everyone.

  • Falling Creek Falls, Florida

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    Falling Creek Falls is a popular Florida tourist destination and vacation spot which offers all of the amenities you’re likely to need, from playgrounds to picnic tables. Just want to take a little stroll? Take a wander along the boardwalk towards the waterfall or pick up a camera and snap a few shots of the wildlife as you walk.

  • Falmouth Springs

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    Falmouth Springs is one of the more private, intimate and peaceful natural springs in North Florida, with far less traffic than others in the area. It is far less developed than many other North Florida swimming holes, with no cement embankments and just simple amenities, but this quiet atmosphere is what gives it its unique charm.

  • Fanning Springs Florida

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    This beautiful corner of Florida is located along the Suwannee River and is home to one of only 33 first magnitude springs in the state, producing 65 million gallons of water per day. Whether you’re swimming in the springs, you’re just stopping by as you’re driving through the area or you’re specifically seeking out the wildlife, there’s something at Fanning Springs for everyone.

  • Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park

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    Welcome to the newest state park in Florida! Gilchrist Springs is the jewel of Gilchrist County, a hugely popular vacation spot because of its Spring Run and the High Spring. It’s proof of the natural beauty of Florida, the Sunshine State’s best kept open secret.

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